Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Selling FAKE again!

From your latest post, you're trying to change the topic.
You are referring to non reputable seller as everybody can create the fairy tales like yours.The issue right now is the Chanel Bag in your blog is 100% fake.You look like very mad as you cant proof anything regarding to the matter. Chanel is knowingly among the best craftsmanship on every bag that have been produced and again,I still doubt (100% doubt@100% fake) based on the poor@uneven stitching and the craftsmanship is totally bad for Chanel reputation. 

While ordinarily this should be an easy question to answer, I thank you for presenting fundamental kindergarten knowledge about Chanel history.
< When did i mentioned about Chanel history

Take your time, boy. Make no mistake, I don't care how good you were in Chanel kindergarten school, I doubt if you actually graduate your secondary school, not to mention university. Kindly refer to following sites, if you are interested to learn.< Learn to be cheater like you?WTF

Don't hate on me for speaking the truth, if you can't handle it, try to catch up. <Me hate you or you hate on me?Based on the yours uneducated story,seems you hate me most.Speaking the truth,your Chanel Bag is fake,that the truth.

By the way, to buy items for a very little and sell them for what they are really worth, thereby making a profit, is called Business. < Dirty business

In the meantime I doubt your emotional intelligence which led you to reveal private email details. You were too pissed off, I assume. < I already have request/order form.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Selling FAKE!

Hi Daniel@Thetrulyvintage,

A million thanks for your beautiful comment.I have something better than accuse people. First and foremost, what is your problem with Kelantan?
>Our Chanel bags are all imported from Japan reputable used branded bags store, do we need authentication from a shallow minded ' expert ' from Kelantan?
I am pure Kelantanese who dares to stated@claimed that I'm from Kelantan. So where are you actually? From the beginning, you're 100% liar and try humiliate yourself. Hey buddy,who are you, stupid or bodoh!
And you're so POOR! ( knowledge in authentication,morale and everything regarding businesses)

Second,you claimed your Chanel is 100% authentic but the reality, is it totally Korean Fake Chanel?No need to find an expert to verify it,just do some study about Chanel.

> I love getting self-propagating asshats who are so insecure they feel the need to publicly validate themselves by providing what is very likely a false 'curriculum vitae '. 

Copying from > You know what I love, Mr. “LikeaShotgunBlast”? I love getting self-propagating asshats who are so insecure they feel the need to publicly validate themselves by providing what is very likely a false curriculum vitae. 

Your far far away Chanel. (far far away from authentic Chanel)
> First, you provide silly opinions based on a price tag and just a few photos. This means you are a Fake person.< I am based on your last picture only,no need for extra pictures as you only provide 7 pictures.
Silly me or silly you.>Me Fake person or you the person who selling Fake?

And, we proudly present our authentic Chanel (me,not a fashion adviser)

Below is the others Authentic Chanel.(reputable seller)

We personally pick and inspect every item and authenticate them with the experts,YES it is true and why a couple of our  items in your blog? We know our items very well. Not like yours items which is came from others blog shop and you resell it at higher price.

For example:

I send the bag to professional bag spa before it goes to you and it worth RM188 (cleaning only) and claimed it was yours?

> a shallow minded ' expert ' from Kelantan
It was not Limited Hand Luggage. It was LVoe Excursion,SHOE BAG not the hand luggage as was mentioned by you and you are not fashionista at all. Ever Period!

Other example.

Nothing to say anymore,lets the pictures do the talk. Well buyer,who are the Fraud Seller now?
I do my part and you, the buyer do the judges.

Finally, I am not just some fly by night internet operation.

> Irresponsible comments are really an embarrassment to only yourself. We are not expecting any apology from you as well. As that can only be expected from a well-educated, honest, real gentleman.
I just want you all to know how important this issue is to me, and that we are absolutely committed and vigilant about our commitment to authenticity.  You can feel safe buying from us.

notes: Now who is well-educated, honest, real gentleman.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prada Waist Pouch (SOLD)

* Prada Waist Pouch in Black Vela Nylon

* The latest and probably one of the most stylish Prada Waist Pouches

* Prada Signature Tessuto microfiber

* 2 main zipper compartments fits daily necessities

* 3 smaller zipper compartments

* Side cell phone pouch

* Can be worn around the waist, across the chest messenger-style, or on the shoulder

* 43” adjustable strap fits all waists

* 6.5" (L) x 6"(H) x 3" (D)

* Full length without strap: 20"

Price: SOLD

Prada Medium Satchel Bag (SOLD)

* Prada Black Microfibre Satchel Bowling Bag
* Black leather base with black leather piping

* Double leather handle

* Silver tone hardware

* Interior zip pocket

* Black signature canvas lining

* Interior pocket with zipper

* 12 (L) x 9 (H) x 5 (D) inch

* Handle Drop 9.5 inches