Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Selling FAKE again!

From your latest post, you're trying to change the topic.
You are referring to non reputable seller as everybody can create the fairy tales like yours.The issue right now is the Chanel Bag in your blog is 100% fake.You look like very mad as you cant proof anything regarding to the matter. Chanel is knowingly among the best craftsmanship on every bag that have been produced and again,I still doubt (100% doubt@100% fake) based on the poor@uneven stitching and the craftsmanship is totally bad for Chanel reputation. 

While ordinarily this should be an easy question to answer, I thank you for presenting fundamental kindergarten knowledge about Chanel history.
< When did i mentioned about Chanel history

Take your time, boy. Make no mistake, I don't care how good you were in Chanel kindergarten school, I doubt if you actually graduate your secondary school, not to mention university. Kindly refer to following sites, if you are interested to learn.< Learn to be cheater like you?WTF

Don't hate on me for speaking the truth, if you can't handle it, try to catch up. <Me hate you or you hate on me?Based on the yours uneducated story,seems you hate me most.Speaking the truth,your Chanel Bag is fake,that the truth.

By the way, to buy items for a very little and sell them for what they are really worth, thereby making a profit, is called Business. < Dirty business

In the meantime I doubt your emotional intelligence which led you to reveal private email details. You were too pissed off, I assume. < I already have request/order form.